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Consolidation across multiple LPARs using BRMS

The BRMS Network feature allows a BRMS system to connect to other BRMS systems via a network, and enables a user to consolidate media such as backup tapes.

Akin asks:

How can I consolidate backup tapes across different LPARs using BRMS on OS/400 V5R3? We are using an IBM 3584 tape library with 12 drives across 15 LPARs. I am thinking of a way to consolidate tapes across multiple LPARs for daily incremental backups.

Akin, I believe what you are looking for is the BRMS network feature.

The BRMS network feature enables a BRMS system to interconnect via a network to other BRMS-networked systems. A networked BRMS system can share the inventory and policies that are associated with media that is managed by a central BRMS system. IBM has more information on this.


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