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Consider Backup menu alternatives for iSeries

iSeries backup and recovery expert Kenneth Graap offers his thoughts on the using the backup menu.

We have been backing up our system using the 'Backup' menu. I have heard that this is not the best way but I have not been able to find out why. Your thoughts?
Using Option 21 from the GO SAVE menu will always guarantee that your entire system is completely saved.

The obvious drawback to this method, though, is that the system is down for an extended period of time while this backup runs.

I would say that most System Administrators should consider using a backup method other than the "GO SAVE" Backup Menu in order to reduce the time that the system is unavailable to users and/or to further automate the backup process. This is why there has been a market for several third party backup recovery solutions along with IBM's BRMS solution.

As a System Administrator, you need to determine how much downtime your user base will tolerate so complete system backups can be created. Once you understand this requirement then you can pick a backup solution that will help you meet or exceed that requirement.

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