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Connecting two iSeries through snads

When connecting two iSeries through snads, where one iSeries is using a Token Ring, and the other is using the Ethernet, what is the procedure to convert a Mac address from the Ethernet to token ring when creating an APPC controller?

Since each AS/400 communications environment is unique, I am sending you a link to where you can find your information on converting an Ethernet address. It is in various manuals, but the easiest to find is Title: Client Access for Windows 95/NT- Setup V3R2M0
Document Number: SC41-3512-05

On the Web go to V4R4 Publications, enter the manual number SC41-3512-05 and hit the FIND button, open that manual and go down to:

  2.7.3         Creating Ethernet Addresses       Reverse Addressing       Converting an Address 


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