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Connecting to an SQL server

I am trying to access data on an MS SQL Server 2000 from my iSeries. Is there a way to create an ODBC connection from the iSeries to the MS SQL Server machine for my application to access the SQL server data?
The iSeries supports connection to other databases using DRDA. Because the SQL server (and oracle) does not support DRDA requests, it is not possible to do a simple "connect" to the SQL server.


* Use Java: Install a pure JDBC driver on the iSeries and use a Java program to connect to the SQL server. This requires you to code Java, but it is FREE and does not require any extra software. We "wrapped" the Java code for some of our customers (that means the customer uses RPG to call our Java that does the JDBC work).

* Buy, install and implement a product to help you. Some products:

* rpg2sql from RJS.
* Attunity connect from Attunity
* IBM's DB2 information integrator

You'll also want to read Kent Milligan's excellent white paper on this issue.

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This response from Shahar is the same as the following question: Reading SQL server tables


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