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Connecting to a separate LAN for printing

We have a Fuji Xerox's Document Center 405 printer, cum fax/cum scanner device. It works with one LAN PC to a parallel port of the printer. All are able to print and fax. The device also has an Ethernet port.

Can I connect it to separate LAN within the same premise so that all users on the second LAN can access the device for printing and faxing through this Ethernet connection?

I'll assume that the current PC/parallel port connection is configured as a Shared Printer on that PC. In theory what you are asking should work, but you will have to step through the configuration menus on the 405 to make sure it does not require you to choose one particular interface. Assign an IP address to the printer (Ethernet port) that is within the second LAN's subnet and make sure you also set the subnet mask properly on the printer.

For example, if the second LAN uses addresses in the range through, then your printer would have an address something like Generally, it is good practice to limit the address range handed out by the LAN's DHCP server so that you have a range of addresses available for 'fixed' devices such as printers. You don't want DHCP address assignment for the printer. I hope this helps.

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