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Connecting the iSeries to the Web

What is the best way to get a secured connection to the iSeries through the Web?

Once you've secured your system as discussed previously try using a VPN to make a connection through your firewall.

If a VPN isn't possible with your configuration or if you wish to further secure your Web server even on your internal network, one alternative is to set up an encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection with your iSeries. Using the server-cfg.xml configuration file of your Web server, you can configure it to only use an https connection rather than the non-encrypted http port commonly used for general purpose Web connections. When you configure it as an exclusive context SSL the Web server will redirect all access to from http to https. Click here for more information on Web server security.

Digital certificates for both the client and the server offer an additional level of authentication security that may be recommended depending on the sensitivity of the information you wish to make available through the server. Click here to see a good primer on certificates.


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