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Connecting the iSeries from a Win2000 system

I am trying to connect to an iSeries 400 system from a Windows 2000 system through IIS web server, using the ODBC driver.

The connection works fine when used with MS Access and also using the Dreamweaver Recordset Test function. But with an ASP page running on IIS, I get no response and IIS hangs.

I have another ODBC connection to an SQL Server database that works fine through IIS.

I have Windows 2000 SP2 and IBM Client Access Express V4R5M0. I have run the CWBCFG utility.

Any help much appreciated!

You will need service pack sf62213 for this to work. If you use ODBC data source - it should be a system DSN. You should verify that you're use "no prompt" connect as described here.

File X3tierSample.zip in the API samples may help you in setup and testing.


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