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Connect a UPS sense cable to the iSeries

I connected a UPS sense cable on our iSeries (J14) to an APC UPS and changed the QUPSDLYTIM system value to 300. When a power outage occurs the iSeries powers-down immediately (not after 300 seconds) when I checked the QSYSOPR msgq (after re-IPL) it is stated there that the value for QUPSDLYTIM has already expired that's why the system performed a power-down. What could be the problem here? Did I miss any configuration? Below is the pin config of the cable:

       pin 3 -------- pin 9
ups    pin 5 -------- pin 7   as/400
side   pin 4 -------- pin 5   side
       pin 4 -------- pin 8 

As per APC, you need the following cable: 940-0006A. Unfortunately, I could not find any specifications on the APC site for this cable. I would suggest you logon to their site or send them an e-mail using their web interface. You can get to the site from here


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