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Configuring WebSphere

I've seen a question posed recently asking where the cfgaccweb2 command is located when configuring iSeries Access for Web with WAS Express 5. I also have the same problem. You referred to the detailed installation guide for 5722-XH2 iSeries Access for the Web in your reply, but this does not address the issue. The command is indeed in QIWA2 library, but this cannot be used as the command does not support *WAS50EXP as the server type. Instead, you have to run the cfgaccweb2 command in qsh in the install directory of QIBM/ProdData/Access/Web2. However, if you try to do this, the command is not there. I have all the PTFs loaded as far as I can see and can't locate the command anywhere. Any ideas what else needs to be installed to access it?

I see this command in different location in my machine i.e.:

cd /QIBM/proddata/access/web2/install
cfgaccweb2 -appsvrtype *WAS50EXP -wasinst WasExpress -appsvr WasExpress -nodename iSeries


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