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Configure a print session via a PC

I have an AS/400 server and I want to establish a remote printer session through an Internet connection from a PC with Windows 95 or 98.

  - My remote PC (Win 95) has a dial-up internet
 - I have a Wingate software running in a NT server
 (my Webserver)
 - My Wingate gives access to users to a telnet
 - Also my Wingate has a mapping to a port of my
 AS/400 server 

With this configuration I can do Telnet to my AS/400 with this proceeding:

1. I connect my remote PC to my Internet supplier.

2. I run my Wingate Client program and I enter my user and password (with this I get access permission to my NT WebServer)

3. I do a Telnet followed the mapped port configurated in the Wingate: Telnet [IP address][port number]. Then I have my AS/400 user session but I can't print reports from AS/400 because I need a print session.

I have a Client Access software (ver. V3R2M0), but I can't establish connection because there is no option to specify the mapping port defined on the Wingate. In LAN network I use this software to configure print sessions and I don't have any problem.

With this configuration how I can configure a print session with my AS/400? Do I need different software, and if so, what?

I am not familiar with Wingate yet, but I have two suggestions:

1. When using telnet I would suggest Telnet400 by Albert York. It is freeware (or shareware) and it allows for port mapping without the shortcomings of regular windows telnet client (i.e keyboard mapping)

2. I would place the spool file on the AS/400 in a remote output queue. The remote output queue will redirect spool files to your NT machine queue. Hopefully, Wingate is able to do something with file in the NT queue.

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