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Conducting a SAVSYS before installing PTFs

Determining whether or not to do a SAVSYS instead of just SAVSECDTA and SAVCFG prior to a PTF doesn't have to be tricky. The SAVSECDTA and SAVCFG commands don't save License Code PTFs, but SAVSYS does.

I was being advised to do a SAVSYS before putting in PTFs since I just did a entire system backup in July. Other than user profile and device configurations, nothing had been changed after that.

Can I just do a SAVSECDTA & SAVCFG instead of SAVSYS? Will it be sufficient if i need to revert back to the status before load in PTFs?

The SAVSECDTA and SAVCFG commands don't save License Code PTF's. This information can only be saved using the SAVSYS command.

Personally… I run a SAVSYS after I apply PTF's in order to have a current backup of my system configuration. If for some reason I had to restore the system to a state prior to the most current application of PTF's, I'd recover from my previous SAVSYS tape.

Mary wrote us to amend the answer, her comments follow:
SAVSYS is not enough, SAVLIB *IBM also needs to be done because that is where the PTF's live depending on which IBM OS product the PTF is for.

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