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Comparing DB2 and Oracle

I'm trying to prove to my mangers that DB2 UDB on the iSeries is a fully relational database. They are comparing everything to Oracle. Would you happen to know of any white papers that show this comparison between DB2 and Oracle?

While there's no single paper written for that exact case, I think you'll find several good pieces of information on the DB2 UDB for iSeries web site. You can check out the FAQ page here.

Another good resources is the DB2 UDB for iSeries Informational CD. It contains a couple of multimedia presentations that your managers should listen to. This CD can be ordered here. Navigate to "Publications' to "iSeries & AS/400 CDs" to "Education". If that doesn't work send a note to mailto:rchudb@us.ibm.com.

You might also have your managers contact SAP and ask them how their solutions -- based on relational databases -- can support both Oracle and DB2 UDB for iSeries. They've supported DB2 UDB for the iSeries since V3R6.


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