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Communicating from a PC to the AS/400 via the Internet

Am using a VPN to communicate from my PC to the AS/400 via the Internet. Connecting to Cisco Router using Safe/Net software and connection using DSL connected to Verizon (my ISP). The Client Express sessions will disconnect. Usually when not in use, but sometimes when in use. Are there any known problems (VPN or Client Express) for this problem?

You can try to increase the session keep alive parameter in the telnet attribute (CHGTELNA). This parameter set the maximum idle time that the TCP protocol will allow before sending a probe to test for an inactive session using the TCP keep-alive parameter. The protocol will send keep-alive requests to the remote client any time the session remains idle for periods longer than the keep-alive value. The idle period is defined by the Session keep alive timeout parameter in Telnet properties in Operations Navigator or a parameter in the CHGTELNA command. When a session is deemed to be inactive (no response from the remote client to any keep-alive probe), that session is ended.

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