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Client Access on Windows 95/98

We are using Version 4 R 4 on our AS400170 and our AS/400 E45, which runs on Version 3 R 2. This happens on the Windows 95 & 98 operating systems. The problem occurs on the older client access and the newer client express. We only have a few 2000 machines and at this time they seem to be fine. The new client express should run ok on Win95 and Win98 machines, right?

Thank you for your input. The Client Access express works fine on Windows 95/98. This leaves us with a possible corrupt session for pc5250. You should try to recreate a session and take care of all the keyboard issues.

If the new session will also give you a num lock situation, please send the device description created on the AS/400 to this session so I can further investigate.

Have fun

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