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Clearing the QDOC library

How do I clear QDOC library?

I have recently run a library sizing and find that QDOC is over 170 meg. This is made up of *DOC and *FLR objects which I am unable to delete using any conventional methods that I know of.

We acquired the machine from another company who obviously used folders and documents. However, we do not need to use them and could do with reclaiming as much of the space as possible.

The QDOC library contains the "Document" file system. To see all the command available for working with this file system, sign on as QSECFOR or an equivalent *ALLOBJ user and then type GO CMDFLR from the command line.

You can use option 5 "Work with Folders" to display and delete objects in the "Document" file system....


1. Create Folder CRTFLR
2. Convert To Folder CVTTOFLR
3. Display Folder DSPFLR
4. Restore S/36 Folder RSTS36FLR
5. Work with Folders WRKFLR

Related Command Menus

6. Document Lib Objects Commands CMDDLO 7. Document Commands CMDDOC

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