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Cleaning up overlayed documents

Chip Milosch answers a question on cleaning up scanned images used as an overlay in AFP Workbench Viewer before printing using the AS/400.

Our client sent us a formatted document to be used for a certificate of deposit form. It has the credit union's logo, borders, and verbiage on it. When we scan it then attempt to create an overlay using AFP Workbench Viewer, we get shadows and all kinds of things that weren't on the original document that was scanned. The account data is printed on the form via the AS400 using the overlay. How do we remove the shadows and other miscellaneous items being printed that should not be? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
I would suggest that you first bring the scan into some kind of image software so you can "clean up" the scan. Chances are the much of the area that should be white is actually filled with some other color value. You should be able to convert the scanned image to a bi-color image so you end up with nothing but nice sharp whites and blacks. If the scan quality is not great, you may be forced into some additional image cleanup to sharpen lines and curves, etc.

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I have a print object that has an AFPDS front overlay. When the overlay code is present in the CL, the spool file has to be manually released. If I remove the overlay code, the spool file prints automatically. How do you get Overlay print files to release automatically? Thanks.