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Chose an AS/400 file member on the SQL SELECT statement

Is there a way to chose an AS/400 file member on the SQL SELECT statement?

The concept of multiple member files (tables) is foreign to SQL. However, as we all know, DB2 for the iSeries supports multiple member files.

In order to access any member other than the *FIRST one in a file you would have to do one of the following:

1. Create and alias pointing to the member you want to work with.
CREATE ALIAS AA for LIB.FILE(MBR) You would then reference table AA to select from your member....

2. You could use the Override Database File (OVRDBF) in your CLP, prior to executing a SQL statement.
OVRDBF FILE(file_name) TOFILE(lib_name/file_name) MBR(mbr_name)

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