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Checking if a local port is used by another job on AS/400

A command called NETSTAT shows who is using local ports on AS/400 but it can only be used interactively to create spooled output.

Isn't there a api to check if a local port is used by another job on iSeries?

There is a command called NETSTAT which will show you who is using local ports. Unfortunately it can only be used interactively and can only create spooled output.

To execute the command do: NETSTAT OPTION(*CNN)

                   Work with TCP/IP Connection Status                     
System:   S02    
Type options, press Enter.                                                     

3=Enable debug 4=End 5=Display details 6=Disable debug
8=Display jobs
Remote Remote Local Opt Address Port Port Idle Time State * * ftp-con > 000:40:52 Listen * * telnet 000:01:52 Listen * * smtp 000:00:01 Listen * * tftp 018:13:58 *UDP * * sunrpc 518:42:58 Listen * * sunrpc 063:18:20 *UDP * * ntp 000:49:31 *UDP * * netbios > 018:13:58 Listen * * netbios > 000:00:11 *UDP * * netbios > 000:00:13 *UDP * * netbios > 000:02:14 Listen * * snmp 000:12:53 *UDP
F3=Exit   F5=Refresh   F9=Command line   F11=Display byte counts   F12=Cancel
F20=Work with IPv6 connections   F22=Display entire field   F24=More keys
From this screen you can use the F6 key to create spooled output…

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