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Changing the status of a spool file

How can I change the status of a spool file from ready (rdy) to saved (sav) without physical printing?
You can't directly change the status of a spool file. The spool file status is set by the system based on some event taking place. For example, you could ask the system to hold a spool file by using Option 3 (HLDSPLF) from the Work with Output Queue display. You didn't directly change the spool file status from RDY to HLD, you "held" the spool file and the system changed the status from RDY to *HLD (HLD).

The same concept holds true for status SAV. The system changes the status of a spool file from RDY to SAV after it has been written by a writer job with the SAVE(*YES) attribute set.

SAV is a status indicator for a spool file, showing that the file was written and then held. Therefore, you can't change it directly.


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