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Changing the permission for folders

How can I change the permissions for all the folders nested in a top level folder in the IFS? When I try changing the permissions in the top level folder using Operations Navigator, only that folder changes, and not all the folders nested below it. Surely there is a way to do this within the OpsNav interface. I'm sure there's a way to do this from a green-screen command line, but I can't remember the command.

To change all of the permissions within a folder you can use the CHGAUT command and use generics. In fact, this is a handy way to change the authority of all objects in a library as well as a directory. As in:


However, if you try this with a directory and there are sub-directories, it will only change the authority of the sub-directory itself and not the objects within the sub-directory. There are a set of free -- but unsupported -- tools that are available from IBM - one of which changes the authority of all objects below the directory that you specify. See the Security Patrol article .RuQkarY0aEB.1@.6ae64331!sectionID=. 5bfbaeb9>here for details about these tools.


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