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Changing the password expiration notification

How do you change the password expiration notification in Client Access from the default of 14 days to a more reasonable number of days or eliminate it altogether?

This can be done either by setting policies (see description and choose the following link: Client Access Express -- Administering Client Access Express -- Setting restrictions using policies and Application Administration.)

Here is a short description for passwords warning policy:

Password policy: Warn user before iSeries password expires

This policy can be used to control if and when Client Access will warn a user whose iSeries password is near expiration. If the policy is set, the number of days before expiration at which point the user is to be warned must be specified as well. Normally these things can be configured by the user using the Passwords applet in the Control Panel in Windows 95 or 98, or on the Passwords tab of Client Access Properties in Windows NT/2000. If no value is set by policy and the user has not configured a value, the default action is to warn the user when their password is within 14 days of expiring.


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