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Changing the font size

Thanks to your help, I am able to print to a network attached laser printer. I would like to make the font size...

larger though. Is there a way to do this? We are using V5R1MO on our iSeries.

Without using Advanced Function Printing, you are fairly limited on what you can do with font sizes. Even without AFP, there are a couple things that still may help. In your print file, you can change the lines per inch and characters per inch which will have the effect of increasing or decreasing your font size when using a laser printer. I believe the CRTPRTF defaults to the largest size print. If your report is 80 characters wide only, but your report is printing in small print in a landscape format, you can change the width of the print file to be 80 and then your report will print in a portrait format with a larger font.


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