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Changing the domain parameter in a user profile

My user profile has class *SECOFR. I have special authorities -- *SECADM and *ALLOBJ. I would like to make a change that requires *IOSYSCFG authority, but if I try to grant this to my user profile (or any other user profile) I get CPF2291, "User profile does not have all special authorities being granted." If I look at the profile, the *IOSYSCFG is not listed.

My goal is change the domain parameter on the NetServer configuration, which requires the *IOSYSCFG authority. What do you suggest?

The problem here is simply that a profile cannot grant any special authority that it doesn't already have. If you don't have *IOSYSCFG, you can't grant *IOSYSCFG to any other profile, not even to yourself (especially to yourself). You must sign on with a profile that has *IOSYSCFG as well as any necessary special authorities such as *SECADM and authority to the profile that will be changed, before adding *IOSYSCFG to the desired profile.

In this case, you'll have to gain access to the QSECOFR, or other similarly endowed profile, in order to grant yourself *IOSYSCFG.


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