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Changing the QPWD* system values

In an article you wrote, you said that if you change one of the QPWD* system values, it won't allow a password=*USRPRF. I changed QPWDRQDDIF to be eight and then I was able to create a user FRED with password *USRPRF. Why?
The QPWD* system values are not enforced when you use the CRT or CHGUSRPRF commands. This allows an administrator or helpdesk personnel to create a trivial password when a user calls up and says they have forgotten their password. The password is set to an easy value and is also set to be *EXPIRED so that the user has to change it right away. When the user changes the password, the QPWD* system values are enforced. So in this case, if you had changed one of the QPWD system values, the user would not be able to change their password to be the same as their user profile name.


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