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Changing system CCSID

If done without attention to detail, changing the CCSID on the AS/400 can lead to very messy database files.

What problems could we face when we change the CCSID from 5026 to 5035? Currently the AS/400 has been installed with Double Byte Japanese Katakana with English as the primary language. Will we have any issues with the following :printing the reports from spool files, carrying out transactions with the old data already existing in CCSID 5026, running interfaces?
Changing system CCSID is a very delicate mission you want to plan very carefully or you will end up with very strange things in your data base files (I am not familiar with the CCSID you provided this is just a generic remark).

You are warmly advised to read the old but complete red book Speak the right language to your AS/400.

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