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Changing attributes of an object

Is there an API to prevent the Last Date Used from being updated in the object description? When we perform save/restores or Journal applies, the date is being changed. For our purposes, this is an error.
Check here for the QLICOBJD API. This allows you to changes several of the attributes of an object, including the Last Used date.

You can't STOP this date from being changed, but you could take a 'snapshot' of the objects, which WILL be changed by a save/restore or Journal apply, and then change their last-used dates back to the snapshot dates afterwards. It is a bit of a chore, but I can't think of another way.

You can use the QUSLOBJ API to list the objects --; view it here.

Note: I am using the European English V5R2 version of the API manual.

Comments from a Search400.com member:

Jean-Paul Lamontre has implemented the API in a CMD. You can find it at http://jplamontre.free.fr/AS400/CHGOBJATR.htm.


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