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Changing all PF files size to *NOMAX

I would like to change all PF files size to *NOMAX. How can I change the size at once for all files.

I would strongly suggest that you not change all the files to *NOMAX as this is very dangerous. A single runaway job might crash your system. I would suggest that you add an entry to the system reply list (ADDRPYLE) to add a message to automatically send your response to jobs which have the INQMSGRPY set to *SYSRPYLE. In addition, you can change certain jobs and/or job descriptions to use the INQMSGRPY attribute to *SYSRPYLE. If you really want to do it, you can write a CL program to do a DSPFD FILE(MYLIB/*ALL) TYPE(*ATR) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) FILEATR(*PF) OUTFILE(QTEMP/QATRLIST). You can then open that file within the CL and perform the CHGPF.

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