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Changing a backup to use SAVFs

I need to change my backup to use SAVFs. I use a SAVLIB with a bunch of libraries, and I use save while active (*SYNCLIB). How does this work with save files? I know you can only save one library at a time with save file.
Saving exclusively to *SAVF's will make it impossible to use *SYNCLIB in order to get a consistent "checkpoint" for all objects in all the libraries you wish to save. The best you will able to do is to use *LIB for the SAVACT parameter of the SAVLIB command.

Don't lose all hope, though. I recently learned that IBM is planning on implementing a new save restore feature, "Virtual Tape Drives". This new feature will allow you to specify multiple libraries on a SAVLIB command while directing the output to disk! The "Virtual Tape Drive" will create an image on disk exactly as if it was being put to tape. How cool is that?


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