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Change telnet port number

I am trying to connect to an iSeries using iSeries Access for Windows. The iSeries is off site with a client -- it is sitting behind a firewall. The company that administers the firewall uses port 23 for that task, so the client can't forward port 23 directly to the internal address of the iSeries. All the rest of the required ports are opened and forwarded to the correct internal address. Is there away around this? Is there a way to have telnet use a different port?

It is possible to change the telnet port as follows:

On the iSeries, set the telnet in SRVTBLE to your desired port.

For example:

ADDSRVTBLE service(telnet) port(9999) protocol('tcp') ALIAS('telnet' 'TELNET')
ADDSRVTBLE service (telnet) port(9999) protocol('udp') ALIAS('telnet' 'TELNET')
Restart the telnet server.

On the client (for example, Client Access) it is possible to define the port number on the configuration panel (9999 in our example).

Do all the changes from the console,or some other 'non-telnet' green screen.


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