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Change password parameters on the AS/400 without deactivating user's passwords

Changing the QPWDMINLEN parameter or other password values will not deactivate user account passwords. The change will take affect the next time users change their passwords.

I have asked our AS/400 administrators about the procedure to change the required password parameters to meet our company standards (the minimum is 7 characters plus upper/lower case/numeric/special characters and force password change after 90 days).

Our administrators say that if they change the password length parameter, then all user account passwords will be deactivated (the length is aproximately 1,000).

This does not sound correct to me. Can you clarify this information? If the above statement is true, is there a way to migrate this change in?

AS/400 provides several system values (global settings) that control the password composition rules. Changing the QPWDMINLEN (minimum password length) parameter password does not deactivate user accounts.

Changing the QPWDMINLEN (or most of the other password values) takes affect the next time the users change their passwords.

You can read all about the password system values in the Security Reference manual available under the security category at the IBM Information Center.

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