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Change object authority to include *USE authority

I need to change a couple thousands of objects' authority to include *USE authority for a user group. These objects reside in four libraries. I could apply EDTOBJAUT command on every object. But it's painfully slow and tedious. Any ways of changing authority at the library level and propagate authority changes to all objects under the library?

You might try doing a DSPOBJD of all the objects in the library to an outfile, then grant the authority that way. You might also consider securing the objects with an authorization list. Then grant the group's authority to the authorization list. Then change the Creation Authority (CRTAUT) value of the library and name the authorization list. When any new object is created into the library, it will automatically be secured with the authorization list. Note: Changing the library's CRTAUT value will not change the authority of existing objects - just newly created ones.


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