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Change Object Audit (CHGOBJAUT) command

Is it possible to auditor non single the accesses to objects, but at the level of registry acceded within those objects? And if it is possible, what options must I activate?

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking to have some automatic notification when an object is being accessed more than xx times. If this is correct, there are no OS/400 tools that will do this. However, some of the third-party message management products also look at the security audit journal. You could configure OS/400 to log all accesses - both reads and changes - to a particular object by using the Change Object Audit (CHGOBJAUT) command. When the object is accessed, an audit journal entry is sent. Within these products you can define an "event". An example of an event would be defined as object xyz is accessed 15 times within 30 minutes. If that event occurs, the product notifies you or takes some action. Most of these products allow several different ways of notification.


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