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Caution when using PWRDWNSYS ** SAVSYS(*YES)

In regards to PWRDWNSYS ** SAVSYS(*YES), I would be very cautious using this option. Reason is, in the case of IPL failure or hang, now you don't have a current SAVSYS to recover. We perform backups before IPL, and typically restart(*yes), possibly a sysval iplsavsys(*yes) for on the way up out of hardware maintenance/configuration.

Not to worry ... This feature doesn't even exist yet! In 18 years of working with the S/38 and iSeries 400 I have never had to restore my system from a SAVSYS tape due to a failed IPL. In my opinion this risk is quite low.

If a PTF process did go awry though, you could always use your previous SAVSYS to recover and then restore security and configurations changes from your most recent SAVSECDTA and SAVCFG backups.

Requiring us to save the system from the interactive system console is a restriction that just seems so outdated to me.

However, if IBM were to implement a process where a SAVSYS could be automated via the PWRDWNSYS command, it could save the system on the way down, perform an IPL to apply PTF's and then initiate a program stored in a system value, that would perform the rest of the BU process... I'd be happy with that too.


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