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Can the iSeries 400 gain access to files on a PC disk on any PC on a network?

Can the iSeries 400 gain access to files on a PC disk on any PC on a network? If so, how is this achieved.

This can be done for NT shares using the qntc file.

This is the how you do it:

Use the Make Directory (MKDIR) command to add a server directory to the /QNTC directory. All functional Windows NT servers in the local subnet are automatically created. Those Windows NT servers outside the local subnet must be added using the MKDIR command or mkdir() API. For example:


Would add the NTSRV1 server into the QNTC file system directory structure to enable access of files and directories on that server.

Shares on the server NTSRV1 are now available to the as400 for example:

Copy /mydir/zz /qntc/ntsrv1/disks/share1/zz

Will copy file zz from my dir the a directory on the NTSRV1.

It is important to work with the same user and password on both the AS/400 and the NT(the AS/400 uses the current user and password to send for NT auth).

This was last published in May 2001

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