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Can a PC be connected to the AS/400?

We have around 400 PC connected to 4 Win2K server in our office. In other way, we also have 1 AS/400 server. I wonder, can I connect our PC computers to our AS/400 server?

Connect is a wide term, but the answer to your question is a big yes.

Using plain IP you can:

Transfer file to and from AS/400 by FTP send remote commands from the PC's to the AS/400 Telnet from the pc to the AS/400 and get sign-on screen Share printers with the AS/400 Publish AS/400 directories in network neighborhood.

By using the Client Access product you can also:

Connect to the AS/400 by using ODBC driver
Connect to resources on the AS/400 using OLE DB
Manage the AS/400 using operation navigator.

Many more examples are available (you will need of course to be physically connected for example on an Ethernet network).

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