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Can I FPT over SSH on iSeries 5.2?

I wrote an application that will allow our users to FTP from our iSeries to one Unix system in a controlled environment. Our security leader requested SSH to protect the transmission. Our iSeries has OS 5.2, and I can't wait until 5.3 to use SSH. Do you know if I can use my current FTP application over SSH or I will need to modify my application? Do you have any white paper about SSH implementation in OS 5.2? Any documentation related to the topic is welcome.
You should consider this webcast on SSH on the iSeries; however, it is for version 5.3.

Version 5.3 contains support for openSSH in the PASE environment. In 5.2 your options would be using 100% pure Java replacement or starting the FTP from the Unix side (in which you will need to change your application).

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