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Call the command line from within in a COBOL program

I would like to call the command line from within in a COBOL program and have it act like I pressed the F21 key,...

giving me the little iSeries command line window and not the full screen window when calling QCMDEXEC. Calling QCMD will give you a command line window but I suspect you're referring to type of command line on the OS400 main menu. I'm not aware of an existing program that can be called to do that and make it appear seamless with your application but you can easily build that type of functionality into your applications. To do this, the command line would actually be an input field in your DDS. You could use the QCMDCHK API to check the validity of commands entered and you would also QCMDEXC to execute your commands. If a user pressed F4 from the command line, you would precede the command string with a ? and call QCMDEXC to do the command prompting.


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