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Call a program on NT from the iSeries

Can I call a program on NT from the iSeries?

Install CA/400 Express on the NT server. Enable remote command support...

To enable remote command support on a Win2K server:

Select: Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services On the Services screen look for "client Access Express Run Remote Command" and double click on it. Then select the start button to start the process on the PC. Make a note of the IP address for this server, you will need it later.

Utilizing the Run Remote Command (RUNRMTCMD), your CLP, running on the AS/400 could then execute some program on the NT server....

For example:

RUNRMTCMD CMD(PC_COMMAND) RMTLOCNAME('nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn' *IP) RMTUSER(userid) RMTPWD(password)

Where nnn = the IP address of the NT server, user ID and password are the user ID and password for the NT server.

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