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CL authority problem

We run a CL that runs the following command:
chgobjown obj(MyLib/MyFile) objtype(*file) newown((QPGMR).

The CL fails and the job log shows the following:
Attempt to use permanent system object QPGMR without authority. Not authorized to perform operation on file MyFile. Function not done for user profile QPGMR. CPF2BE (Function not done for user profile).

Do I need to use QSECOFR and change CHGOBJOWN? I don't want to have to remember to change that after each new operating system release. Is there a better way to do this?

According to the iSeries Security Reference manual, Appendix D, you need *ADD authority to the new owner. So, in your case, the process running has to have *ADD authority to the QPGMR user profile. In your case, you could change your CL program to be owned by a profile that has this authority (e.g., QSECOFR) and change the profile to adopt authority. To do that, run the CHGPGM command, specifying USRPRF(*OWNER).


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