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CA doesn't support mutiple threads

I have a phone banking application that uses Cristal Report and ODBC to retrieve information stored in iSeries files and fax them to the customers. The problem I'm experiencing is that the Client Access ODBC doesn't support multiple threads and when a customer asks for information via fax, the other tasks in the PC (other clients) gets very poor performance. Is there any other way to retrieve data from iSeries files from a PC via ODBC? Or a way to solve my problem without having to make major changes to my application?

The Client Access Express ODBC driver supports the use of multiple threads with no real problems (many customers use it as a Web server and the ODBC driver for data retrieval from the iSeries. This wouldn't be doable if support for multi threading was not present.

From the post I did not understand the architecture of your solution but I suspect that the problem lies somewhere in the fax sending issue and not in the ODBC part.


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