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Building a DSPF and PRTF with multi-language

I want to build a DSPF and PRTF with multi-language. For a DSPF, this is not a problem because I use a MSGID referenced to MSGF (MSGF in French, English and Spanish in a different library in my library-list). But for a PRTF, I can't use MSGID.

Unfortunately, MSGID can not be used with PRTF. There are other solutions. One would be to have several PRTF in "language libraries". Quite cumbersome and unwieldy. A better solution by far would be to have a single printer file where titles and labels would be named fields. You would then have a physical file in which you would have the same field names. You could then create one record per language and read the appropriate record in your program initialization. This would automatically load the titles and labels in your printer file.

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