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Blocking AS/400 DB2 users

To block DB2 users from altering data using WinSQL tool, a security software tool may be the best bet for true protection.

How can I block the AS/400 DB2 users from changing data using WinSQL tool?

Already, any user that can run WinSQL* from their PC can change any data they access with SQL commands (update, delete, insert). I would like to prevent this to avoid any disaster.

This problem relates to database authorities on the iSeries machines. On most customer machines, user profile public is allowed to access and change data in the database, however our green screen application prevented unauthorized access.

The WINSQL package is not limited by our green screen application, so it can directly access the database and change data which can be a disaster.

There are two possible options to prevent problems:

  1. Implement true security architecture and define correct authorities to the files in the data base. This is the "correct" solution but it is difficult and sometime not practical to implement.

  2. Install a security software package to monitor and control remote access to your data base (or write your own exit program). Example products are firewall++ from Raz-Lee or network security by Powertech.

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