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Binding directories

I made a minor change to a procedure within a service programs. Since I did not modify any parms etc, I assumed that the change would take effect for all existing programs using that service program. But I had to re-compile each program before it would use the newer version. What gives? I thought only the path (or signature) to the service program was bound at compile time? What am I missing?

It all depends on how the modules are bound. If you use the CRTSRVPGM, the signature will change. If you use the UPDSRVPGM to bind your service program, the signature will stay the same and use the new code, or so I am told. I use Binding directories to bind all of my service programs so that I never have this issue. I would suggest you give some details as to how you are creating and binding your programs in the form of a question in the .Xp4oazJ4dfd^0@/search400>forums.


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