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Backing up one iSeries to another iSeries

This user has two iSeries servers both running i5/OS R2. How can he back up system A onto system B? Search400.com expert Ken Graap advises.

I have two iSeries servers running i5/OS R2. How can I back up system A onto system B?
You can't "completely" back up one iSeries to another iSeries. You can't even "completely" back up an iSeries system to a Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server. The main reason being that System Data (SAVSYS) can be saved only to a locally attached media device.

Data libraries can be saved to Save Files and then sent to another system using FTP, but that isn't very user-friendly because you can save only ONE library at a time when specifying DEV(*SAVF) on save commands. You could save a bunch of save files into one library and then back that library up using the SAVLIB SAVFDTA(*YES), but you would have to have a lot of extra disk space to even consider doing something like this, and again, system data can't be saved this way.

The closest you can get to saving an iSeries to another system is to use BRMS/400 as a TMS client and save to a TMS server. Keep in mind that BRMS/400 doesn't support being a TMS Server... just a TMS client. In other words, one of your iSeries systems could not be a TMS Server.

My advice to you: Buy a good tape drive or consider mirroring each system using a high availability solution.

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