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BRMS recovery process

When recovering user libraries, BRMS requires you to restore the full save and then the daily save. For some open systems backup products, you can do it the other way -- restore daily and then restore the files that were not on the daily save from the full save. Can the iSeries be recovered that same way? I would like to recover the user libraries by restoring the last daily save, and then restore the full save with the option of *NEW.

As you already have discovered, the default procedure within BRMS is to restore the FULL save and then apply the CUMULATIVE. You can do what you are suggesting though.

When you start a BRMS recovery process restore the CUMULATIVE saves first. Then prior to restoring the FULL save, select F9 (Recovery defaults) from the "Select Recovery Items" menu. Change the "Option" parameter from *ALL to *NEW. This will instruct BRMS to only restore objects that do not exist in the current version of the library. So, anything that was restored from the CUMULATIVE save will not be overwritten.

If you are restoring libraries with large files that change often, this should significantly speed up your recovery process.


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