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BRMS for backups vs. native IBM SAVSYS

We are using BRMS for backups, when we do a SAVSYS using BRMS the SAVSYS takes five to six hours to complete. The SAVSYS we used to do using native IBM SAVSYS took less than 30 minutes. What's the difference between the two SAVSYS commands?

There is some additional overhead associated with a BRMS save. However, the only scenario I can think of that would add 5.5 hours to your SAVSYS would be if you have a system with multiple Auxiliary Storage Pools. In this kind of configuration BRMS has a default option to save authority for every object in a user ASP. If you have a lot of ASP's with a lot of objects, this can take considerable time. There is a way around this though. You can tell BRMS NOT to save authority data for users ASP's.

From your main BRMS menu enter:


From the Backup Policy Menu, take Option 2. Work with items to omit from backup.

Add the following entries to omit saving user ASP authority from a SAVSYS or SAVSECDTA save:

Type     Backup item    


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