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BRMS backup takes too long

I'm using BRMS to do a *SAVSYS. The problem is it takes to long so I "kill" it -- I use the BRMS Console. If I use a standard SAVSYS from a straight forward save, it takes about 10 minutes only. After I stop the BRMS save, I check the tape and all the saves are on there. Any idea what is going on?
There is some additional overhead associated with a BRMS save. However, the only scenario I can think of that would add a lot of time your SAVSYS would be if you have a system with multiple Auxiliary Storage Pools. In this kind of configuration BRMS has a default option to save authority for every object in each user ASP. If you have a lot of ASP's with a lot of objects, this can take considerable time. There is a way around this though. You can tell BRMS NOT to save authority data for users ASP's.

From your main BRMS menu enter:


From the Backup Policy Menu, take Option 2. Work with items to omit from backup.

Add the following entries to omit saving user ASP authority from a SAVSYS or SAVSECDTA save:

Type Backup item



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