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BRMS backup jobs: Clearing expired save files

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains how a user can clear expired save files during BRMS backup jobs.

I have set up similar daily BRMS backup jobs on several LPARS that save to save file. The SAVF media policy is set to retain media (e.g. for seven days). The 'STRMNTBRM EXP(*YES)' job runs daily on all the LPARS but the save files are only cleared on some of them. The 'system' and 'backup' policies appear the same as well. What do I need to check to ensure that the save files are cleared/deleted during maintenance once they have expired?
I believe the command you are looking for is the WRKSAVFBRM command.

IBM Supplied HELP File:

Help Work with Save Files - Help

The Work with Save Files using BRM (WRKSAVFBRM) command displays or prints a report of all save files that are on the BRMS media content information. Information in the display or report includes save information such as date and time of save, auxiliary storage pool number and so on.

If the display option is selected, The Work with Save Files display allows you to display, remove and expire save files. Additionally, you can select object detail to review or restore objects from a save file. The report that is produced is the BRM Saved Files report. The report, if printed, is written to printer file QP1ASF.

This command will show you what files still remain on the system and when they have been set to expire. This information will help you verify that your media policy is set correctly.

One other note: Don't forget to run the SAVSAVFBRM command after running a save to a *SAVF, even if you don't want to copy the *SAVFs to tape. As explained in the command's HELP text, this command actually deletes the expired *SAVFs from previous saves.

SAVSAVFBRM CTLGRP(my_control_group)

IBM Supplied HELP File:

Help Save Save Files - Help

The Save Save Files using BRM (SAVSAVFBRM) command saves save files created during BRMS processing to tape.

Various parameters allow you to select which save files that you want to copy to tape. For instance, you can select a range of save file creation dates to include in the save files that you want to copy to tape with further qualification of control group and media class.

You can schedule the SAVSAVFBRM command through the system job scheduler, through another job scheduler or on demand.

Expired save files that are not waiting to be copied to tape are deleted when the SAVSAVFBRM command processes.

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