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Automating the full system save

I am automating the full system save in that an operator signs on at the console on a Friday with a user profile that will run a CL program interactively. This will delay the job for 25 hours, and then delay the job until 2 am on Sunday. Once it hits this it will do a SAVSYS etc. Will this work as an unattended option?

In theory this all sounds pretty good... However, a lot of things can happen during a 25-hour job delay.

What if a message breaks into this interactive session? Your process won't start at all.

What if there is a problem taking the system to a restrictive state? Your system would remain unavailable to your users until someone came in and fixed the problem.

There is also a great security risk inherent in your proposed solution. Having a user with *SAVSYS authority logged into an unattended workstation could result in unauthorized access to your critical data.

Some of the backup recovery software vendors have handled these issues by creating a process that initiates a "Console Session" based on a schedule, while providing password protection for the device this console user is logged on to.

However, you may want to consider doing what I have done instead:

I only run SAVSYS once a month along with a full IPL of the system in order to apply *DELAYED PTF's. The monthly SAVE process is an "attended" event. However, the operator who runs it is usually onsite for only about 2 hours as the system IPL's, and the SAVSYS command runs. If there are any issues, someone is there to attend to them immediately. When the SAVSYS command finishes and our SAVE_WHILE_ACTIVE backups reach their synchronization point, the operator can leave when he has determined that our users have access to the applications. The BU's continue to run throughout the night unattended. We have a relatively large system, so the entire BU process can take up to 10 hours. If a problem does occur during this phase of the process, someone is contacted via pager so they can connect from home to resolve the issue.

Between full system saves I run full and cumulative application backups along with the SAVSECDTA and SAVCFG commands.

In my opinion, saving the system between PTF maintenance cycles is unwarranted.

I've found this strategy to work very well for me. If you still want to have an unattended SAVSYS process, take a look at some of the third-party BU recovery software packages.


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