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Automating data transfer to iSeries using Client Access

To automate data transfer through a command instead of GUI, run the RFROMPCB.EXE from an AS400 command line.

Is there a way to automate the data transfer to the iSeries using Client Access? We have a text file on the client...

(Windows) side that is tab delimented so FTP has not worked properly. We have to use the data transfer within Client Acess (V5R3). We are hoping to automate the process each morning so is there a way to submit the data transfer through a command?

Starting the file transfer from the PC using command line rather then the GUI can be done by using RFROMPCB executable. If you need to run RFROMPCB.EXE from an AS400 command line you need to combine RUNRMTCMD. An exact description can be obtained in this iSeries support paper.

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